Organizations Served


Your company’s history is the basis for what your organization is today. By publishing your organization’s story, you document its values, culture, and successes as a guide for present and future leaders, as well as build company pride. A history book allows you to preserve the stories and images of your company’s founding and expansion. It also gives you an excellent tool for recruiting major clients, executives and financial partners.


A Published history can influence philanthropic decisions by demonstrating your hospital’s stability, longevity and commitment. Your foundation can use it as a tool to thank current donors and attract new ones. Your staff can use it in support of achieving certification in and funding for specialized medical programs. A custom history book also allows you to recognize and honor the many contributions of your board members and volunteers and illustrates your hospital’s important role in the community.


Help your members and other important audiences understand the history and purpose of your fraternity or sorority. A custom history book demonstrates your commitment to your members while sharing important historical perspectives that have shaped your organization’s success. A custom history book also offers your fraternal organization a unique fund-raising opportunity.


Your non-profit entity provides a critical service to the community. One that has a history integral to the current success of your organization. The lifeblood of any non-profit is its relationship with its donors. Large donors, in particular, are key to your continued success. Building and keeping those relationships in good standing is indeed an important component of your operational focus. What better way to strengthen that relationship, as well as bridge new relationships, than a history of your organization and its importance to those it serves?


No two municipalities are alike and each have their own unique story to tell. Who were the founders? Why did they settle here? Who shared in shaping the community into what we have today? All these questions, and more, are fascinating and hungrily sought on the part of your citizens and interested people familiar with your town. A professional researched and designed book about your community would be a cherished keepsake to those who value you the most, your citizens.