Why Publish?


Chronicling your history – the people, events, and enterprises that have made you who you are – allows you to share your accomplishments with your most important audiences.

Whether you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or simply seizing the opportunity to record important memories, recording your past provides insights into your successes and direction for the future.

A custom history book by Heritage Publishers preserves your unique story for future generations.


Your organization has an identity. Your mission statement, marketing & advertising, company logo(s), and operational structure all add to your name, augmenting recognition and retention. A high quality publication telling your unique story cements those efforts and tells those most important to your success – your clients, customers and investors – who you are and why you have earned that position in their hearts and minds.

Investor/Donor Relations:

Operating capital, of course, is the lifeblood of any successful organization. Whether your organization is for-profit, non-profit or membership driven, your investors/donors have a keen interest in the health and history of your organization.  What better way to tell that story than with a professionally written and designed publication? Additionally, a commemorative book by Heritage Publishers is an ideal way to tell those who have taken a financial stake in your success a distinctive thank you!


The history of your organization – the culture developed over the years, the key events and the leadership – creates a road map to follow for all current and future leaders. Knowing where one came from positions your current and future leaders in a positive direction for future growth and success. Tell Your Story…Your Way for all to benefit for the life of your organization.


Those who have contributed in building your organization deserve and appreciate the recognition a professionally written and designed commemorative publication provides. Having their efforts immortalized in an elegantly designed book says thank you in a way no other method provides.

A Valued Keepsake:

Your employees and associates are proud to be part of your professional family. As much as they are proud of their home, town and country, their employment is deeply a part of their personal identity. Experience proves that the gift of a book celebrating the rich history of where they spend the majority of their time and effort is a cherished keepsake they will value for years to come.

A Lasting Legacy:

Your organization has a history that should be chronicled for the enjoyment and edification of current and future generations. You are in a position to capture that history from your unique viewpoint and tell Your Story…Your Way. Collaborating with a professional writer experienced in researching organizational histories and interviewing key contributors allows you to direct that story in your image and to your satisfaction.

A Celebration:

Very few organizations have the longevity and successful track record that you have earned and enjoy. Whether your organization is approaching a milestone anniversary or you wish to commemorate a period of growth in your history, a quality publication from Heritage Publishers is an ideal solution to share the celebration with those who value your ongoing success the most – your employees, investors/donors, vendors and friends.